Tech to look forward to in 2018

6 of the Coolest Upcoming Tech to Watch Out For In 2018

Technology evolves as fast as the world itself. Below are new technologies to expect in the coming year.


Light Peak Transfer Technology


Light Peak is a technology that will completely change the current data transfer experience. The technology will make it possible to transfer up to one TB of data per second. In other words, copying data from a 2TB hard drive will take only about two seconds to complete.


2018 tech


Galaxy X Smartphone


When talking about cool technology, smartphones cannot be left behind. Over the recent past, companies have been releasing smartphones equipped with the curved display technology. This technology is on the brink of paving the way for a new and more exciting technology called the foldable display technology. Samsung will pioneer the revolution with its new smartphone, Galaxy X.


Galaxy X will have many cool features that will excite technology enthusiasts. The phone is expected to have to have a 5.5 to 5.7-inch screen, a 6GB RAM, dual rear cameras, 256GB internal memory, 4000 mAh battery, and most importantly, water and dust resistant.


OLED iPhones


Apple is transitioning its iPhones from LCD to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens, with the process expected to complete by 2019. It is, however, expected that three iPhone models featuring the new technology would grace the 2018 tech market. It is expected within technology circles that the new OLED display will be substituting the Touch ID with a more classy facial recognition system. It is also expected that these new Apple iPhones will have a 5.8-inch screen.


Wireless Charging


Charging has evolved from wire chargers to pad chargers, which are currently referred by many as wireless chargers- and now the “true” wireless chargers are almost here with us. Through a Dipole Coil Resonant System (DCRS), it is expected it will soon be possible to charge phones and even TVs within a radius of 15 feet. This new technology that is being developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology will be charging up to 40 mobile phones by use of resonating magnetic fields.



3D Printed Food


2018 tech just got cooler with 3D printed food. After the 3D printing technology brought a new wind of sensation in the tech industry, it’s now bound to take technology to an all new level by printing food in 3D. This technology is being fronted by Biozoon, a German tech company, and is expected to bring the much-needed solution for people with swallowing problems. This is mainly because the technology involves solidification of powder mixtures, which then melts upon eating.

vr headsets

The Virtual Reality Headsets


Virtual reality headsets are growing popular by the day, with their sales expected to escalate to over 20 million next year. Tech companies across the globe are aware of this business opening and are thus working towards developing VR headsets that will dominate the market. Carl Zeiss from Germany has already developed a mobile virtual reality headset that is adaptable to both Android and iOS. These headsets will add some “coolness” to the awesome VR technology in 2018.

Small businesses and Entrepreneurs are going to be able to implement these technologies in their businesses very soon. A Real Estate Agent will be able to create virtual tours of the homes that they are selling to show to clients.





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